Soulburn Studios Robot Material Pack 1

Neil Blevins
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This Material Asset pack contains 16 robot related materials. Metals, Worn Paint, Rust, Dirt, Decals, everything you need to make a good rusty and worn industrial robot. These are all the material (plus a few extra) that let me texture "Inc The Robot", the robot from my narrative artbook.

Compatible with 3dsmax 2017 and up and vray 5 and up. Requires a separate purchase of the Soulburn Studios Texture Variety Pack 1, which contains all the texture maps for these materials.

This 3dsmax Material Pack can be used in 3 ways. 1) Either they can be used with SAL, the soulburnAssetLoader maxscript (learn more about the script here: or 2) You can take the materials from the .mat file, or 3) you can just use the maxfiles included in the asset packs by themselves, merging them into your own files.

Go here for a detailed video showing the best way to use these materials:

An earlier version of some of these materials were available on the Neil Blevins website, they have since been upgraded, added to, tweaked, and now officially part of this new enhanced pack.

License: These assets can be used for any project you wish, commercial, non-commercial, etc. A mention that you used assets from Soulburn Studios is appreciated. You cannot take the contents of the pack and redistribute or resell them in whole or in part, either for free or for pay. Soulburn Studios can't be held responsible for any problems that arise from the use of these asset packs. If you have any suggestions, bugs etc, please contact me and I'll see if I can help out. Thanks!

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